Thursday, 9 February 2017

Good Night Messages For Collage Boyfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every girl has boyfriend. So night time every girl can send message for your boyfriend.

Good Night Messages For Collage Boyfriend:

13. Millions of people are sleeping, millions of are eating, millions of are working but the only one
      and very special to me is reading my message.Good Night.

14. I wish for your sweetest dream.May the sweetest person come in your dream but don't make it
      your habit- bcz " i'm not free for everynight". Good Night.

Good Night Messages For Him:

15. Even a thought of you make me smile.Being your lover is the best thing to me ever and i'll love
      you forever.GN!!


16. No matter how bad the nightmare was if you wake me up from them.Good Night.

17. I know it is near to impossible to come to you through this text message but i want to make you
      feel the warmth of my arms through this message.GN!!

18. I know it is lie but l still believe that moon shines only for me and you. Good Night.

19. I'm wishing "Good Night" to the man who make my life bright every day and every moment.

20. Night may be painful to me because you are not here to who i can hug and kiss.GN!!


21. My perfect world is that when i sleep i would hug you and when i wake up, you would be there to
      kiss me. Good Night.

22. You make bright my everyday as the stars make the night shine. GN!!

23. Your dreams can never be sweeter than mine because you are there in my dreams.Good Night.

24. When lying on the bed, i look at the shining stars then i always think that the bright one i have in
       my life. GN!!

25. Take this text message as my hug which will give you the warmth of my hug the whole night.

      Good Night.

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